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From the Jorat plateau to the Broye valley, picturesque villages and lovely Vaud style farms dot a partially-wooded landscape, offering surprising panoramic views of the Pre-Alps or the Jura. Situated right in the heart of the Vaud countryside, our area offers numerous possibilities for walks; discover it on foot, on donkey back or in a carriage.


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Servion Zoo (Servion)

Servion Zoo
Founded in 1974, the Servion Zoo currently shelters 200 animals of 60 different species in a six-hectare plot on the edge of the Jorat Forest. The Nordic fauna is well-represented, mainly because of the famous Siberian Tigers.

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Specialising in tropical birds and reptiles, this zoo supports the proximity to the animals. Additionally, it contributes to the safeguarding of animals in danger of extinction. Among others it boasts a couple of Komodo dragons, a Siamese crocodile and Cape penguins, a popular attraction.