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From the Jorat plateau to the Broye valley, picturesque villages and lovely Vaud style farms dot a partially-wooded landscape, offering surprising panoramic views of the Pre-Alps or the Jura. Situated right in the heart of the Vaud countryside, our area offers numerous possibilities for walks; discover it on foot, on a donkey back or in a carriage!

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Adventure path (Cremin)

Adventure path
In a setting of great natural beauty, this footpath starting in Lucens offers to explore the various sights of the area. Alongside a pond, a swing bridge, steep cliffs and wooden walkways, this 7 km trek guides his visitors through forests and pastures.

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Agrilogie Grange-Verney (Moudon)

Agrilogie Grange-Verney
Owned by the State of Vaud, this large agricultural domain trains agriculturists, horse experts, agro-practitioners and horse guards. It also houses several cantonal research stations related to agronomy.

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Bee trail (Villars-Mendraz)

Bee trail
Inaugurated in 2011 on occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Apicultural Society of Moudon, the 19 display boards of this didactic trail along the banks of the river Broye, offer the visitor a fascinating insight into the life of bees.

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Bois de Brigands, «Raiders Forest» (Thierrens)

Bois de Brigands, «Raiders Forest»
From its hilltop, the Brigands’ Wood provides a splendid view over the surrounding countryside. Three didactic paths set out from the cabin at its centre. One of these, the dungeon path, leads to a 16-metre tower from which one has a spectacular view of the Alps.

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Chemin de Blés, «Cereal Trail» (Moudon)

Chemin de Blés, «Cereal Trail»
This sign-posted educational trail is some 100 kilometers long. It is easy for travel on foot or bicycle in all seasons. Nine thematic stations and some 40 display boards line the trail, raising the visitors’ awareness for the cultural heritage of the area.

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Donkey Farm (Chapelle-sur-Moudon)

Donkey Farm
In an old farm house in the center of the lovely village of Chapelle-sur-Moudon, live Anne-Lise and Jean-Michel with their two donkeys Karinka and Bolco. Mischievous and affectionate, they invite children up to ten years for a ride on their back.

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Donkey Trekking (Chapelle-sur-Moudon)

Donkey Trekking
With around a dozen donkeys, this friendly club of donkey-drivers proposes rides, harness training, activities for birthdays or school outings, a certificate of donkey-driver for the children and even donkey-assisted mediation, an alternative therapy.

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Excursions in a horse-drawn carriage (Montet)

Excursions in a horse-drawn carriage
  • Promenades en calèche
    Bernard Demierre
    Ch. du Clos 12
    1674 Montet

  • +41 (0)79 310 72 92
  • 46.643284,6.8150093
Bernard Demierre offers discovery tours either in a horse-drawn carriage or wagon for up to 25 people along the borders of the river Broye. He is also very willing to organize excursions according to your own wishes.

Rural tourism

Fonduewagen Le Gallien (Carrouge)

Fonduewagen Le Gallien
  • Domaine et écuries du Gallien
    Famille A. Jordan
    Rte du Village 15
    1084 Carrouge

  • +41 (0)79 332 23 08
  • +41 (0)79 287 78 75
  • www.domainedugallien.ch
While the horse-drawn carriage of the stable “Le Gallien” carries its guests through small villages and down idyllic country roads, they enjoy a hearty fondue or an aperitif.

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Gustave Roud Trail (Carrouge)

Gustave Roud Trail
Starting from the house where he was born, two trails invite the visitor to discover the places where the famous poet and photographer of the Jorat strode in his search for an earthly paradise.

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Handicap & Nature Trail (Villars-Tiercelin)

Handicap & Nature Trail
This 5-kilometre path, accessible to wheelchairs, winds through an arboretum and varied forest uplands, with several viewpoints of the Jura and the Pre-Alps. Take a break at the cabin.

Rural tourism

La Botte de foin, «The Hay Stack» (Vucherens)

La Botte de foin, «The Hay Stack»
With Claudia, children and adults learn how to approach, pet and feed animals, both exotic and indigenous. “The Haystack” is open all year round, but a reservation is compulsory. Two people or more can select an individual program.

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Le Bochet Farm (Granges-Marnand)

Le Bochet Farm
In midst of nature, this agricultural site which has earned the IP-Suisse label for integrated agricultural production, offers farm holidays, nights in the hay, several pedagogical activities as well as… evenings of magic and ventriloquism. Farm products on sale.

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Marche Romande, Général Guisan (Mézières)

Marche Romande, Général Guisan
Setting out from his native village of Mézières, the wanderer can choose from six marked hiking trails in the shoes of the celebrated Swiss general. The fun run in his memory “Marche Romande” takes place every June.

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Mohair from the Jorat (Ropraz)

Mohair from the Jorat
This Angora goat farm is the only one in Switzerland to produce mohair, a wool famous for centuries for its softness and warmth. A guided tour of the goat pen offers the opportunity to approach these particularly affectionate goats. Craft shop on the premises.

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Servion Zoo (Servion)

Servion Zoo
Founded in 1974, the Servion Zoo currently shelters 200 animals of 60 different species in a six-hectare plot on the edge of the Jorat Forest. The Nordic fauna is well-represented, mainly because of the famous Siberian Tigers.

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Specialising in tropical birds and reptiles, this zoo supports the proximity to the animals. Additionally, it contributes to the safeguarding of animals in danger of extinction. Among others it boasts a couple of Komodo dragons, a Siamese crocodile and Cape penguins, a popular attraction.