N°06 The Three Rivers


Pictogramme Randonée
In the heart of the Vaud countryside, where the Jorat plateau meets the Broye valley, this itinerary takes you on a discovery of three rivers that have shaped the geography and communication routes of the Moudon region over the centuries: the Broye, the Carrouge and the Bressonne.

Along this hike you will discover the medieval houses of the Upper Town of Moudon, the molasse cliffs overlooking the Broye River, the historic bridges of Bressonnaz, as well as the picturesque village of Seppey and its castle, former residence of the painter Eugène Burnand, before descending into the Carrouge valley, with its dense vegetation and mysterious waterfalls.

On the other side of the valley with its fertile land punctuated by beautiful Waldensian farms, you will see the hill of Bioley and its refreshing coniferous forest. 

After crossing the road to Berne, you will start the descent into the valley of the Bressonne which marks the entrance to the municipality of Hermenches. Surrounded by fields and forests, the village's main street features beautiful farms. 

You cross the Bressonne again to reach the village of Syens and its church with a gothic choir before you return to Moudon walking along the river Broye.

Point of interest


  • Distance : 20 Km
  • Length : 6h35
  • Start : Gare de Moudon
  • End : Gare de Moudon
  • Difficulty :
  • Height difference : +460m