N°05 Jorat hike


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Under the sign of water, this hike invites you to explore the wooded slopes of the Jorat, its rivers and waterfalls. A very natural itinerary of a dozen kilometres which takes you to discover the two tributaries of the Broye, the Bressonne and the Carrouge.

During this hike in the shade of the woods, lulled by the murmur of the waters of rivers and streams, interrupted a few times by mysterious small waterfalls, you will discover the true nature of the Jorat.

The departure starts in the village of Syens, its church with its gothic choir and nave dating from the 18th century is worth a stop. Then cross the Bressonne river and don't miss its molasse cliffs and the panorama offered to the waterfall below.

Looking up, you’ll get a sublime picture of the Pre-Alps and the Alps. The beautiful farms at the top of the Hermenches hill start the descent into the Bressonne valley, meeting point with the Corcelles stream.

After crossing the road to Bern, you will then go to the unusual "La Tuayre" waterfall on the Carrouge where a pleasant relaxation area awaits you. Then you'll discover the picturesque village of Seppey and its castle which was the residence of the painter Eugène Burnand.


The path between Seppey and Vucherens is closed until further notice. This hike is still possible by taking the Compostelle path no. 4 from Bressonnaz to Planche Nardin. 

You can download the map here : PDF

For more information, you can contact the Tourist Office.

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  • Distance : 12.5 km
  • Length : 4h30
  • Start : Syens village
  • End : Syens village
  • Difficulty :
  • Height difference : +320