N°07 From the Land to the Artist


Pictogramme Randonée
Focus on the Jorat and its typical rural landscapes, between fields, country roads, villages and forests. This 12-kilometre walk takes us successively in the footsteps of the poet Gustave Roud, whose Carrouge farm is located at the beginning of the itinerary, and of the writer Jacques Chessex, who was well known under the name of Ropraz.
This charming hike begins in the village of Carrouge. It is said that the Jorat is a land of inspiration. This becomes quite apparent at the first stop on the farm of the poet Gustave Roud. A resident of the Jorat and author of a "Petit traité de la marche en plaine" (A short treatise on walking on the plains), he knew his region perfectly well and loved to roam and photograph it.

Our path continues in the direction of Ropraz, crossing in turn a forest and a small river called the Bressonne. A picnic area caters to those who wish to rest before arriving at the Château de Ropraz dating from 1689. Further on, in the village of Ropraz, we walk along the cemetery where the famous Prix Goncourt writer Jacques Chessex (“L’Ogre”), is buried. The author of "Vampire de Ropraz" lived in the village for 35 years and was very attached to the region. Our hike gently continues, taking us to the educational farm of Mélèze, where a variety of animals are raised and group visits organised.

Point of interest


  • Distance : 12Km
  • Length : 3h10
  • Start : Carrouge, house of Gustave Roud
  • End : Carrouge, house of Gustave Roud
  • Difficulty :
  • Height difference : +289m