Specialising in tropical birds and reptiles, this zoo supports the proximity to the animals. Additionally, it contributes to the safeguarding of animals in danger of extinction. Among others it boasts a couple of Komodo dragons, a Siamese crocodile and Cape penguins, a popular attraction.

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Servion Zoo

Servion Zoo</br></br>

Founded in 1974, the Servion Zoo currently shelters 200 animals of 60 different species in a six-hectare plot on the edge of the Jorat Forest. The Nordic fauna is well-represented, mainly because of the famous Siberian Tigers.

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Bee Trail

Bee Trail<br/><br/>

Inaugurated in 2011 on occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Apicultural Society of Moudon, the 19 display boards of this didactic trail along the banks of the river Broye, offer the visitor a fascinating insight into the life of bees.

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«Old Moudon» Museum

«Old Moudon» Museum

Ranging from a family kitchen to a notary’s study, from a bourgeois salon to a peasant’s hard work, all the objects exhibited in this historic building bear witness to life in former times. Don’t miss the illuminated model of Moudon in the 15th century.

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