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What is the Way of Saint James?

It’s a Christian pilgrim’s trail going back to the Medieval. It leads to the shrine of the apostleSaint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain).

Originally, these long spiritual travels had two main reasons: the fulfilment of a wish or absolution for one’s sins.

Which significance has the pilgrim’s trail today?

Today there are mainly three reasons for such a pilgrim’s travel.

  • To open up to spirituality and meditation
  • To find your peace and draw strength
  • A change of air during a change in your life

Most people go on a pilgrim’s trail because of a change in their lives. The average age lies therefore between 45 and 65. Frequently they travel in small groups and prefer short intervals.


Itinerary of the Way of Saint James between Moudon and Lausanne:



You will get the official stamp for your pilgrim’s trail at the Moudon tourist office


Download a list of all accommodation offers for pilgrims on the Way of Saint James between Romont/Pyerne > Moudon > Lausanne.

Pilgrim’s pack

In collaboration with the Kiosque du Pont, we offer a pilgrim’s pack comprising snack and drink.

Please fetch your pack directly at the Kiosque du Pont at the following address:

Grand-Rue 1

1510 Moudon