N°08 At the Horizon


Pictogramme Randonée
Starting from Vucherens, this very beautiful hike takes us to new heights! Not because of its difference of altitude, which is accessible to most people (+260m), but because of the majestic views it offers of the surrounding villages, the Pre-Alps and the Alps. Escape guaranteed.
It takes half a day to cover the 14 km of this walk in the heart of the Jorat. The dominant impression is one of renewal. A real breath of fresh air and a feeling of tranquillity result of breath-taking panoramas, the freshness of the Jorat woods and the discovery of buildings such as the Chapels of Vucherens and Vulliens, the Castle of Seppey or the Church of Mézières.

From Vucherens, the path takes us in direction of the village of Seppey, where we get after crossing a forest and discovering the waterfall of a place called "Ravin de la Tuayre". An idyllic place, perfect for a picnic. Our path continues to the village of Vulliens. The journey is in the middle of nature. For almost an hour and a half, we walk along country roads through meadows before continuing for several kilometres in the forest, in the shade of the trees of the Bois de Ban, where we can rest at the well-named hut "l'Arrêt". At the end of the woods, we continue our route in the direction of Mézières. This section offers a lot of panoramic views: you can feast your eyes on!

Point of interest


  • Distance : 14km
  • Length : 4h25
  • Start : Vucherens, chapelle
  • End : Vucherens, chapelle
  • Difficulty :
  • Height difference : +260m