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Discover the charm of the town of Moudon on this walk which takes you past the magnificent houses of the Ville-Haute, its museums and the banks of the river Broye. This walk is ideal for people who want to make a short visit to the town. It is accessible to the whole family (with or without prams), as well as to people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.
This picturesque walk starts at the car park of the station. From the car park, follow the yellow signs of the hiking trail "tourisme pédestre" (Via Jacobi no. 4) and head west towards Moudon. Then walk towards the church of St. Stephen and follow the road to the left of the church and continue straight on through the narrow streets to the tourist office. From there, you have to turn left into the Rue du Château to reach the Carrouge castle perched in the Vieux-Moudon. This section is very steep, so there is an alternative route for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility. It is advisable to take the car as far as the Parc du Vallon and from there, to take the Rue du Bourg with its pretty houses, to then access the Château de Carrouge (for those who would like to walk through the town, it is possible to leave the car at the station car park and to take the Route des Combremonts instead of the Rue du Château). Then you have to go back down to the intersection of the rue du Bourg and the route d'Hermenches. 

For the rest of the walk, you continue on the "Via Jacobi no. 4", passing under the stone bridge (Pont des Bornels) and descending to the river Broye. This section is also very steep, so there is an alternative for people with reduced mobility. It is advisable to drive down this section and park your car on the banks of the Broye, near the football pitch. At the intersection, leave the "Via Jacobi no. 4" and turn left to a roofed wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn left and follow the yellow signs of the hiking trail through the alleys on the right bank of the river. At the Place du 14 Avril, continue straight on, then turn right at the intersection. You go to the red-orange building and take the Chemin des Biches. Finally, you cross the bridge to reach the car park of the station (for those who parked their car at the car park next to the football pitch, just go back). 

Point of interest


  • Distance : 2,5Km
  • Length : 45 min
  • Start : Moudon, Station
  • End : Moudon, Station
  • Difficulty :
  • Height difference : +40m