Ranked as part of the non-material cultural heritage of the canton of Vaud, the Brandons, the Servion Revue, the Circus Helvetia as well as various fairs and markets are traditions enhancing life in our region. In addition, there are festivals, theater plays and concerts designed for a large public.



Classical music at Saint-Etienne (Moudon)

Classical music at Saint-Etienne
From October to March, the arches of the church resound with music thanks to the Saint-Étienne Association, whose aim is to highlight the building and its historic organ.


Concerts in the former prison (Moudon)

Concerts in the former prison
Set up in the former district prisons, now transformed into a cultural centre, the Prison concert hall hosts each year from October to May, a season of rock and electro concerts, organised by the Poly-Son Association. See the Agenda for details.


Evoca (Echichens)

  • Evoca
    Anne Terrail
    Case postale 56
    1112 Echichens

Each winter for more than 10 years, this vocal ensemble from the Vaudois Jura accompanied by the prestigious Ensemble des Cuivres Jurassien (Jurassian brass ensemble) has presented a musical show.


Friends of the Organ (Servion)

Friends of the Organ
Dating from 1764, the oldest organ in the canton is showcased during a festival at the end of each summer.


Tea Dances


Tea Dances</br></br>

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The tea dances are taking place every last Tuesday of the month between September and June, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., in the big Salle de la douane, the customs hall. Entrance is free, a reservation is recommended.