Cultural Heritage

Some thirty sites and items of national cultural significance are found in our region, reflecting its particularly rich history, from the Barony of Vaud in the 13th century through to the Bernese bailiffs. Various enterprises attest to an industrial tradition going back to the 19th century. Museums and workshops celebrate art and craftsmanship.


Architectural Heritage

«Donkeys Back» Menhir (Auboranges)

«Donkeys Back» Menhir
This impressing stone block (5.6 meters, 25 tons) at the border of the cantons Vaud and Fribourg is the biggest foundling in Switzerland. It goes back to between 4500 and 1500 BC and shows a stylised version of a human shape.

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«Old Moudon» Museum (Moudon)

«Old Moudon» Museum
Ranging from a family kitchen to a notary’s study, from a bourgeois salon to a peasant’s hard work, all the objects exhibited in this historic building bear witness to life in former times. Don’t miss the illuminated model of Moudon in the 15th century.

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Château de Lucens, Lucens Castle (Lucens)

Château de Lucens, Lucens Castle
Perched on a hill, this military fortress is made of two distinct parts: the gothic castle (13th century) and the Bernese castle (16th century). Today in private hands, it can be rented for events. Temporarily open for visits.

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Château d'Oron, Oron Castle (Oron-le-Châtel)

Château d'Oron, Oron Castle
Home of the counts of Gruyère, residence of 43 Bernese bailiffs, this 12th century fortress is today owned by an association. Of national cultural significance, today it houses an 18,000-volume library in an 18th century apartment.

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Eugène Burnand Museum (Moudon)

Eugène Burnand Museum
The internationally-known naturalist painter, Eugène Burnand (Moudon 1850 – Paris 1921) played an important role in his time. His favourite themes are well-represented here: country life, religious themes, portraits and illustrations.


Farm-Museum «Troncs» (Mézières)

Farm-Museum «Troncs»
  • Association Jorat souviens-toi
    Musée-ferme des Troncs
    Route des Troncs 4
    1083 Mézières

  • +41 (0)21 903 15 26
Maintained by an association whose aim is to preserve old crafts and their tools, this lovely Jorat farm is furnished in a traditional way. During markets and festivals, they perform old craftsmanship.


Fire Brigade Museum (Lucens)

Fire Brigade Museum
  • Maison des sapeurs-pompiers d'hier et d'aujourd'hui
    Famille Vagnière
    Rte d'Yvonnand 5
    1522 Lucens

  • +41 (0)79 433 26 16
Vehicles, helmets, uniforms… in addition to a panoply of items from five continents, this museum outlines the history of fire brigades from the 19th century to the present.

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Geya Foundry and Art Gallery (Ogens)

Geya Foundry and Art Gallery
When Romanian sculptor Albert György settled in Switzerland in 1987, the specialist in bronze and «lost wax» techniques discovered a totally new realm of freedom and creativity. His art is a reflection of the dialectic between suffering and happiness.

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Iron Ferroflex Braillard (Moudon)

Iron Ferroflex Braillard
Since the 19th century, the Braillard family of iron merchants has influenced the history of domestic industry in Moudon. Today they specialise in steel and construction technology, and offer guided tours on their production site.

Historical Towns

Lucens (VD) (VD)

Lucens (VD)
First mentioned in 965 as property of the bishops of Lausanne, the town became the residence of the bailiffs of Moudon during the Bernese rule. It boasts a 13th-century castle, the 14th-century Saint Agnes chapel, townhouses from the 16th to the 18th century and an octagonal fountain from the 18th-century.

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Model SA (Moudon)

Model SA
At its Moudon site, this company develops innovative packaging solutions and cardboard display units. Guided tours show visitors the high-performance machines which employ various printing techniques. Guided tours – information and reservations: Moudon Tourist Office

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Moudon – Church St-Etienne (Moudon)

Moudon – Church St-Etienne
The largest parish church in the canton, Saint-Étienne was built by the Savoy counts from the late 13th century onwards and is remarkable for its splendid gothic architecture, its wall paintings and its choir stalls from 1501-1502 as well as its organ from 1764, the oldest in the canton.

Architectural Heritage

Moudon – Historic Tour (Moudon)

Moudon – Historic Tour
A sign-posted historic trail invites visitors to discover 26 of the most impressive monuments of the old capital. Two important periods of the nearly 600 years of history are particularly well-represented: the Savoy sovereignty and the Bernese occupation.

Historical Towns

Moudon (VD) (Moudon)

Moudon (VD)
First a Helvetian town before the arrival of the Romans, later the capital of Vaud under the Dukes of Savoy (1260 to 1536) and later Bernese bailiwick, Moudon can be proud of its rich architectural heritage. The upper town is ranked as site of national interest.


Museum «Montanaire» (Thierrens)

Museum «Montanaire»
  • Musée de Montanaire
    Famille Brauen
    En Morinavaux
    1410 Thierrens

  • +41 (0)21 905 30 23
  • +41 (0)79 765 03 30
Displayed with great care, the 4,000 items which make up this unique collection, illustrate the daily life of local peasants between 1850 and 1950.

Industrial Heritage

RétroBus Léman Association (Lausanne)

RétroBus Léman Association
The aim of the RétroBus Léman Association is to preserve, restore and exploit the historical public buses and trolley buses of Lausanne, Geneva, the Vaud Riviera as well as French and even German and Italian speaking Switzerland.

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Ropraz Forge (Ropraz)

Ropraz Forge
In 2004, ornamental iron-worker Vincent Desmeules took over this traditional village forge. A sculpture park and a small exhibition of contemporary iron objects can be visited for free.

Architectural Heritage

Rue - Historic Trail

Rue - Historic Trail
14 signposts present the most important buildings of this little town: Castel (13th century), castellany (16th century), Church of St. Nicholas (18th century).

Historical Towns

Rue (FR) (FR)

Rue (FR)
«Europe’s smallest city» has been founded by the Savoy in the 13th century. The castellany in the beginning depended to the bailiff of Moudon and from 1536 to Fribourg. Castel (13th century), castellany (16th century), Church of St. Nicholas (18th century) and various buildings from the 17th to the 19th century.

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Saint-Gobain Isover (Lucens)

Saint-Gobain Isover
As first manufacturer of glass wool for construction and industry in Switzerland, the Isover company in 1939 settled in Lucens. A guided tour explains the production process of over 30’000 tons of glass wool per year. Visit – information and reservation: Moudon Tourist Office

Architectural Heritage

Saint-Pierre-de-Marcens Church (Curtilles)

Saint-Pierre-de-Marcens Church
  • Église Saint-Pierre-de-Marcens
    Key available in the Café Fédéral
    Rte de Lucens 24
    1521  Curtilles

The origins of this church go back to 1050. Its 13th-century nave is painted with murals. The choir is for the 16th-century. One of its most remarkable features is the arcaded bell tower.

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Sherlock Holmes Museum (Lucens)

Sherlock Holmes Museum
The characteristic feature of this collection lies in displaying only «original» items. Personal objects and authentic memorabilia of Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the adventures of the famous private detective, faithfully render the atmosphere of his works.

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The Estrée Foundation (Ropraz)

The Estrée Foundation
The Estrée is without doubt one of the liveliest cultural centres en the Jorat area. The Foundation opened in 1989 in the village centre of Ropraz, and is noted for the diversity of its art exhibits and its enthusiasm for contemporary creativity.

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Uniform Museum «The Old Swiss» (Hermenches)

Uniform Museum «The Old Swiss»
This private collection of 4,600 uniforms of all kinds – military, postal, railway, fire brigade, police. 80 mannequins present the history of uniforms in Switzerland between 1850 and 1950.


Workshop-Gallery Carolin (Syens)

Workshop-Gallery Carolin
  • Atelier-galerie du Carolin
    Mélanie Gilliand et Daniel Rapisardi
    Rue du Village 24
    1510 Syens

  • +41 (0)79 347 59 92
  • +41 (0)79 256 08 60
The workshop and gallery of artists Mélanie and Daniel also provide an exhibition venue for emerging artists.